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Mesa Group Holding

Mesa Group Holding Ltd. is the parent company and main shareholder of Mesa Development Ltd, Mesa Commodities Ltd, and Mesa Logistics Ltd.


Mesa Group Holding Ltd. is responsible for the overall strategic planning, with special emphasis on exploiting synergies between the subsidiaries. The goal is to ensure the most effective operations within the company group.      


Mesa Group attaches particular importance to bridge the cultural and physical limits which so often prevent business opportunities to exploit their full potential. We therefore place great pride in ensuring the employment of local labour and expertise wherever possible. We believe that more is often achieved by using local habits, systems and solutions, although they immediately seem to be far from what is considered the right way in other parts of the world. A large part of our operations are therefore sub-contracted to Zambian, Congolese and other locally owned companies, securing local development and the highest levels of efficiency in execution.

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